That Thing I Never Knew I Needed To Know

One of my posts from last year, when I started writing a bit more regularly. I hope you like it, it’s actually meant to be humorous 🙂

A Joyful Process

Well, actually two things. I did not know that this week leading up to Halloween has been called Evil Week. Evil Week? I’d never heard of that. Maybe it’s because Halloween isn’t one of my favorite holidays. I know some people get really into it, but I never really have. Sure, when I was a kid Halloween seemed like a lot more fun, but now as a grownup, Halloween has less appeal. Costume parties just never raised the thrill meter all that much for me. Perhaps my imagination is limited, but I never liked any costume I wore to a Halloween party. The day was meant to be endured, not necessarily enjoyed, for me.

So, yes, Evil Week. The good folks at Lifehacker are writing a series of articles of things under the theme of Evil Week. The article I found from yesterday surprised me for some reason. A lengthy…

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Looking Back

Today, I looked back one year ago on the blog and realized that I was in the middle of a six-week drought of not writing here. For that matter, I wasn't writing at all. The urge to write at all had disappeared. I made two posts early in the month, and then nothing until the …


I've seen a lot of blogs and bloggers talking about love this month. And why not...this is the month of love, right? But love covers many things, not just romance, the moon and June and swoons. Love for your fellow man or woman. Love for those that need it most. Love for our families. Love for …