Meet: Sola Rosa

Auckland, New Zealand may not be the first place I would think of for a meld of R&B, Latin, hip-hop, jazz, and neo-soul. However, thanks to Mark Spraggon, leader of the band Sola Rosa, that can be the case. Spraggon has been making music as Sola Rosa, first as a one-man band, but now as …

The Heaven Mix

Again, I must have way too much time on my hands. I've put together yet another playlist of tunes, this time with the theme of "Heaven." Each of the songs has the word "heaven" in the title. I probably left out dozens of songs, but I included forty-one of them. Why forty-one? Primarily because I …

In A World Full Of People There’s Only Some Want To Fly

Revisiting one of the first songs I ever featured on the blog, Seal’s “Crazy.” It’s among a number of songs that motivate me to get going, to start the day, or just to move forward. Feel free to name a few of yours in the comments.

I have been told that the original video is not working. Try the link below or go to the original post (I have swapped out the video there, but it isn’t showing up on the re-blog).

A Joyful Process

It’s the morning groove for today.

I’ve loved this song for years, but I never really paid any attention to the lyrics. But when I listened to it this morning, the lyric above spoke to me. We can all want to be grounded, and not dream to soar. But we all should want to fly.

It’s something I’m taking to heart this year. And I want to be flying by year’s end. In a lot of ways. This song came back to me for a reason, and I’m going to use it to push me forward to meet some goals. Goals that should have been met long ago.

What song gives you a lift when you hear it? This one is one of mine, among some others. Let me know yours.

Thanks so much for reading.

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