This Week In New Music: November 22 Edition

The following playlist was created from the music sources that come to me via email, feed reader or from various music websites. Those sites are: Soulbounce, Soul Tracks, Next2Shine, ThisisRnB, and In addition, songs may be added from AllMusic, and Slate’s BrowBeat blog, from podcasts from Soul Sanctuary radio, as well as playlists from Spotify for New Music Tuesday and1556296-705014-vector-music-notes-backgroundTrendy Music. Basically, I look at all the information, find which tracks can be found on Spotify for streaming, and make a playlist for the week.

This week’s playlist features new tracks from industry veterans Shanice and Giorgio Moroder, new tracks from Jessie Ware and Nicki Minaj, and repeats from last week from Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars, Mary J. Blige (who has two tracks on this week’s playlist an K. Michelle.

Rounding out the playlist are new songs from B.o.B. featuring Trey Songz, Teyana Taylor, Eric Darius, Jesse Boykins III, Yuna featuring G-Eazy and Keisha Jackson (Millie’s daughter). Take a listen and if you hear anything you like, leave your reaction in the comments-or better yet, purchase the music.

New Music: Faith Evans-Fragile

I have said many times, to many people, that I am a Faith Evans stan. All is right in the world when I hear her sing. I’m such a fan that I have said that I would take Faith over Mary J. Blige any day. However, as the story has played out over their careers, Mary is the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul and Faith is….well she’s been nicknamed The First Lady. If Faith had Mary’s material, she would have several blockbuster, seminal albums on her ledger just like Mary does. Since Mary has several great, essential albums in her discography, she often gets the shine (for good reason) while Faith has to play the back.

However, she won’t be playing the back on this one. Coming from her new album Incomparable, which will be out on November 24th, is a new single called “Fragile.” Faith once again brings the goods on this retro-styled, horn-filled track. The song evokes a musical time of the past, but Ms. Evans vocals are once again, timeless.

Don’t take it from me though-you can hear it for yourself. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

P.S. If the picture on the Soundcloud file is her album cover…my, my, my. The First Lady is looking mighty good indeed.

Old To The New

It is often a practice in music that old songs are redone. There is a whole industry of artists making albums filled with nothing but remakes of older songs. Every now and then you can find where DJs or remixers take an older song and with a few tweaks come up with something new. Such is the case with Booty Fade, from Dallas, Texas. The duo (DJ Sober and PICNICTYME) have put their spin on Brandy’s 1994 classic “I Wanna Be Down”, giving it a beat and groove that sounds like today, while still retaining the heart of the original. Take a listen below and if you like it, it’s available as a free download from their Bandcamp page.

After last week’s outcry over Lifetime Network’s Aaliyah biopic, it’s nice to see someone come along and honor her music. Though Rochelle Jordan has been the champion of Aaliyah’s style recently, BJ The Chicago Kid has done a remake of her classic “One In A Million” which uses the original backing, while he updates the song for the current age. Not content to sing just the one song, there are bits of R. Kelly’s “R&B Thug” and Jodeci’s “Feenin'” added in for good measure, while still using the “One In A Million” beat. Some of the lyrics in the video are NSFW, so be warned. The track is impressive and is part of his new mixtape The M.A.F.E. Project, which is also available as a free download at his website. Enjoy the goods, and as always, leave your impressions in the comments.

Throwback Thursday: All Day Music

The words “Throwback Thursday,” on sites such as Facebook or Instagram, often are joined with a person’s pictures from days gone by. I don’t have a lot of pictures to share, but what I do is “Throwback” with music.

I love music so much. It has been there throughout-through the ups and downs, good times and bad. No matter what my mood is, I can find a song or a piece of music to brighten my day. Music allows us to reminisce about the past, and can give us hope for the future. It can move minds and souls. It makes us dance, makes us think, makes us smile.

I often have a “mental jukebox” in my head throughout the work day-especially since I am not allowed to listen to music at my job (but I’m on vacation this week). So when I can’t literally have a day full of music, I can have one in my head for the time when I can’t listen to the songs I want to hear.

Today’s Throwback Thursday joint comes from the group War, whose song “All Day Music” is on my personal soundtrack of songs I can’t live without. It goes down nice and easy, and is the perfect song to kick off these music posts.


New Music: Sylvie Chibiliti-Available To You

This song was posted on yesterday. While the author of the post either didn’t recognize, or failed to include the fact that this is a cover of Reverend Milton Brunson’s Thompson Community Singers’ gospel classic, it did not stop them from posting it. Ms. Chibiliti does a very soulful, very beautiful version of the gospel classic, even adding a dose of “I Surrender All” toward the end. All this, with just piano backing.