New Prince Music Heralds Expanded Purple Rain Reissues

The movie soundtrack to Purple Rain has often been cited as Prince's masterwork. On June 23, 2017, Purple Rain will be re-released in both Deluxe and Deluxe (Expanded) editions. The Deluxe edition will a remastered version of the original album, as well as a second disc with eleven unreleased songs that were recorded around the same time …

Even The Superheroes Are Going In 2016

It’s been a year since Prince passed away. Ideally, I would like to have created a Funky Friday post in remembrance of his amazing talents. However, I think this tribute that I posted on the day of his passing suits just fine. He really was one of the best to ever do it. Feel free to post your memories of and favorites by Prince in the comments. 

A Joyful Process

I have been fortunate enough in my lifetime to witness, or to have heard some of the greatest musical entertainers ever. Michael Jackson comes to mind immediately; Stevie Wonder follows not too long after that. Sam Cooke, Ray Charles. Marvin Gaye. The Beatles. The Rolling Stones. David Bowie. Earth, Wind & Fire. James Brown. P-Funk. Miles Davis. George Benson. Led Zeppelin. Eric Clapton. Santana. Elvis Presley. Public Enemy. Aretha Franklin. Luther Vandross. The Temptations. Smokey Robinson. So many great artists, and that list is leaving out so many, many others.  And for as great as all of those artists and groups were, and are, there were none like Prince Rogers Nelson.

2449973469_7a4f60b56a_z Photo by Scott Penner via Flickr using a Creative Commons license.

It was as if he had studied every nuance of so many of the great musical masters and movements of the previous years of rock and roll, rhythm…

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