Opening Up Slowly

It's happening again Another time when yes means no And you walk away as if nothing has changed You decide that enough was enough And leave me and my life rearranged Like when you gave me faith Then took my hope Like it was yours all along Once again, rejection is a reflection in a …


This heart sits captive in walls Built by the mind Sculpted with the latest security features To keep out the bad Because the gate rarely opens The good is kept at bay This heart sits captive in walls A life I once lived...hoping that doesn't become the live I will live. Because life is not …

Childhood Games

Can you tell me Where have your memories gone? Can you tell me Why they are playing hide and seek, and You can't seem to find them. You can find the pillars of memories of years ago, But the ones from a few minutes ago are tucked away Hiding behind dark corners, dipping in shadows. …

Take A Look At Yourself

Another poem. I hope you like it. Just some things I had been thinking about and decided to put them down. Before you unleash Your threats and invectives Your taunts and snide remarks Your insults and character slices Before you point At my failings and deficiencies At my values and opinions At my idiosyncrasies and …

What Color Black Am I?

Thanks to Tikeetha T at A Thomas Point of View for leading me to find this poem. So good, I had to reblog it too.

mind JO business

I am the color of a dark past

Of low quality tin and cast iron water fountains

The color of restrooms and cafe entrances created to keep me away

Of deadly “Whites Only” Coca-Cola vending machines

Uncomfortable bus rides cloaked in fear

My seat has been labeled

My seat has been labeled

I am 4-5 rows in the back of the bus

You don’t want to see me

I am the color of a “Whites Only” sign

Of segregated restaurants, parks, transport and schools

The color of “separate but equal”

Of poor quality schools and education

Unequal distribution of America’s wealth

White mannequins

White mannequins

I am searching for my reflection

You don’t want me to see me

I am the color of a vote denied

Of absent representation for change

The color of the voiceless

Of disenfranchising poll taxes and literacy tests

Beaten – set on fire – lynched from my home

For trying

For trying

I am the suppressed black…

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Into dust

I had forgotten that Challenger explosion was 30 years ago yesterday. Those of us who remember that event will never forget where they were when they heard the news. Love this poem that brings that day back to us…

Peace, Love and Patchouli

We move through fields

Stars become wishes of shattered dreams

Falling from the sky

As we sit below so minuscule in the scheme

And trickling down

The ash moves on winds

Not forgotten

Just no longer the whole

Of a lost soul.

She dared to follow

Each step moving forward to her dream

Within reach of her hands

Only wanting to be at the tip of eternity

Floating in space teaching

Her special smile exploding across

Small boxes in rooms far from home

And I saw her there,

For but a moment as I lay in the depths

Fevered thoughts wracking each nerve,

So far from greatness she went so high,

And then blinking once

She became no longer,

Just dust of the moment passing

Like each moment of our lives that slip by,

Yet noticed this time

In the loss of a hope

Extinguished in the cold.

I cried…

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