A Reminder

A quick reminder to anyone interested in joining the NCAA Bracket Challenge. If you are interested in getting into the game, please email me at twayne@joyfulprocess.blog, or look for the "Contact Me" link at the top of the blog homepage for more information. The deadline to enter your completed bracket is Wednesday, March 15, 2017. This post …

Guest Post: NCAA Men’s Basketball Bracket Challenge Contest

I did a guest post for the upcoming NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament over at Life Of An El Paso Woman. Thanks to Lisa A. for allowing me to post on her blog! If you’re interested in entering a bracket challenge for the tournament, read on!

Life of an El Paso Woman


Hi everyone! My blogging buddy Tracy from A Joyful Process did a guest post on our upcoming NCAA men’s basketball bracket challenge. If you’d like participate, please e-mail him at  twayne@joyfulprocess.blogfor more info. The deadline to participate is Wednesday, March 15. I hope to see you participate with us! Even if you don’t care about men’s college basketball, you’re still welcome to join! All you have to do is pick the teams you’ll think will win out of 60-some teams and a couple of other details. Please feel free to spread the word on WP and/or social media. The more, the merrier! 


First, let me thank Lisa A. at the Life Of An El Paso Woman blog for allowing me the opportunity to guest post once again.  

Over at my blog, A Joyful Process, I write a lot about music. In addition to my love of music is my love…

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Soft Eyes

This post was inspired by a comment I made on a post called "No Baseball Beyond This Point" over at The Baseball Bloggess. If you're a fan of baseball, you should check out her blog. She has a very interesting series of posts she's recently started, writing stories about baseball players that were born in …

A Far Better Man

Twenty years ago, I didn't think he'd make it. Twenty years ago, The Greatest proved me wrong. And in doing so, he brought tears to my supposedly jaded eyes. Just when I thought there was nothing else Muhammad Ali could do to make me like him all the more, the night he lit the Olympic …