The Blue Sky Award

Many thanks once again to Lennon Carlyle at the Fabulous With Glitches blog for nominating me for this award a while ago (like, back when April was still new). Now here we are at the end of the month, and I'm just now getting around to this. Anyway, thanks to Lennon for this and be …

The Heaven Mix

Again, I must have way too much time on my hands. I've put together yet another playlist of tunes, this time with the theme of "Heaven." Each of the songs has the word "heaven" in the title. I probably left out dozens of songs, but I included forty-one of them. Why forty-one? Primarily because I …

1983 – The Greatest Year in Music?

A little late reblogging this, but this is an awesome post. 2loud2oldmusic makes the case for 1983 as the greatest year in music. As it was the ending of my junior year and beginning of my senior year of high school, a lot of these albums are very familiar to me. This post serves as something of a companion piece to my High School Senior Year playlist post. Feel free to visit this blog and leave your comments on the post there.


Last year, I explored the year 1987 as the greatest year in music. It was a great year and had some huge top selling albums. Now , I am going to argue for 1983 as the greatest year in music. The greatest year in music is very subjective and each person will have a different year. Probably your high school years and/or the year you really started digging music. 1983 was the year that I started becoming massively obsessed with music.

The year had some of the biggest selling albums and a ton of music that influenced me, but what make the year even better were the debut albums that came out in 1983. Some the biggest names in music. Here are the albums and/or events that make 1983 the greatest year in music:

Michael Jackson:

michael_jackson_-_thrillerWe will start off with one of the biggest reasons 1983 might be…

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